Jan 22, 2016 – [Friday] Patterns: Beer bottles

Bordeaux, France, taken on July 8, 2011

New Friday theme: Patterns! There was a period of time when I was in Bordeaux with some crazy friends during the summer months, and we drank beer every night in my studio. No, we were not alcoholics, and none of us ever got drunk…well, maybe tipsy, when I mixed beer with wine. This has got to be the accumulation of a couple of nights of drinking between 4 people, or the aftermath of a bigger dinner party. Though…there’s something aesthetically pleasing about rows of green bottles perfectly lined up like this. Makes me happy 😀

October 19, 2013 – Beer in Nijmegen

The quest of searching for Rajat was completed as we met in Nijmegen this weekend. Of course I wouldn’t miss the chance to grab a drink with our long lost dada. We talked about careers, aspirations, the future, the good ol’ days…and I couldn’t help but notice the awesome shape of the cups that the guys at the table next to us had 😉

October 24, 2012 – 24 heures vélo

The 24 heures vélo event is the main annual beer festival in Louvain-la-Neuve (and in all of Belgium), where students come from all around the country to participate in a 24-hour relay bike race. There are two types of bikes: the regular fast bikes and the funky “folkloric” bikes designed by each team. The event is said to be the second largest beer festival in Europe, after Oktoberfest, and there are concerts and activities happening all around the city throughout the entire night. I was here for the event last year and am lucky to be around this year as well, before I say goodbye to Louvain-la-Neuve! Our institute (Institut de la matière condensée et des nanosciences) had quite a team, and while I didn’t participate in the race itself (I would have been so slow they’d think I were dead), I was there at the relay station to show my support. Here’s Amir on our folkloric bike (right) coming back from one lap around the course. Good job team! (I haven’t uploaded pictures from this year’s race yet, but you can see last year’s event album here.)