November 23, 2013 – Room

This is my room/apartment/studio in Bordeaux, whatever you’d like to call it. Every time I move back, I leave my luggage on the ground untouched for at least two days. Then I unpack everything swiftly all at once. The place is still slightly cluttered, but much better than it was when random stuff was lying on the ground.

April 23, 2012 – On the table

I was sorting out my apartment the other day, tidying up here and there, organizing things and putting them back in order. At the end of the day the big pile of books – which probably belonged to a previous “tenant”, AKA a friend that lived here – on my table was cleared away and replaced with a row of mostly bottles. From left to right: individually packaged red wine, rice vinegar for sushi, balsamic vineger (left behind by LS), table white wine for cooking, a bucket with a pine cone inside (probably from previous tenant), and a Thermos (again from previous tenant).