Jan 16, 2017 – [Monday] Anything Goes: Seagull in Kunming

Kunming, China, taken on December 23, 2016

Seagulls aren’t exactly a rare sight and contrarily, they are quite commonly seen in many places. However, seagulls in Kunming during the winter is a completely different sight. At the Green Lake, thousands of migrant red-beaked seagulls arrive for the winter, taking advantage of the warmth of Kunming. I had never seen so many seagulls in one place all at once, but here is one that I managed to get quite close to. Hi there!

December 01, 2012 – Pigeons

We start off the month of December with some good ol’ pigeons chilling in Place Pey Berland in downtown Bordeaux. It was a cold day, but one with sun and clear skies, making it a quite pleasant day to be outside if you dressed warm enough. Just an observation though: pigeons in Bordeaux have gotten much bigger (I like to use the word “enriched” to be euphemistic) within the past two years. They’re almost comparable to the ones in Paris…has the pigeon food supply in Bordeaux somehow increased?