Jan 12, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Night market vendor

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Hoi An, Vietnam, taken on December 25, 2015

The beautiful people of Southeast Asia are so perfect for street portraits that my collection of images can be a series on its own. Here is a vendor at a night market in Hoi An, manning his booth and ready to haggle if you are 😛 (See the original photo in colour.)

Jan 05, 2016 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Rainy Hanoi

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Hanoi, Vietnam, taken on December 29, 2015

It was raining when I arrived in Hanoi, but the city was still a delight to explore. In sun or rain, wandering through the old quarter of the capital of Vietnam is an experience to remember. (See the original photo in colour.)

Dec 29, 2015 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Man at Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia, taken on December 23, 2015

Recently I’ve developed an interest in photographing people and I’ve been experimenting a lot during my travels. Southeast Asia is really the ideal place for this – you can find beautiful subjects in every corner with every type of human emotion imaginable. I saw this man at Angkor Wat – unsure if he was a worker there or a visitor – and the genuine and neutral expression on his face made him so picture worthy. And one ordinary person can outweigh all extravagant scenery you may see, and make the entire trip worthy. (See the original photo in colour.)

Dec 22, 2015 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Gondolier

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Macau, China, taken on December 21, 2015

The Venetian is the largest casino in the world, and a visit to Macau wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Venetian. The interior of the casino was designed to mimic the real Venice in Italy, but Venice wouldn’t be Venice without some gondolas and of course, gondoliers! This happy ukulele-playing man is probably not a real gondolier, but he was just so adorable. I wanted to go give him a hug – if only we weren’t separated by a canal! (See the original photo in colour.)

Dec 15, 2015 – [Tuesday] Black & White: Contentment

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Bordeaux, France, taken on November 3, 2012

She holds him in her arms as the people around her rush by her, and she was silent. The look of contentment on her face is genuine – it was as if nothing in the world mattered, as long as she’s got him. (See the original photo in colour.)

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