January 16, 2015 – Snow

There have been many entries about snow during the past three years, but interestingly no post titled “Snow”, so this will be it. Ah, snow. Though I haven’t seen the sun in what felt like two weeks, I enjoyed the light flurries that arrived this morning. It reminded me of home, somewhat. Then in the evening, the snow turned into a mixture of rain and ice, melting as soon as it hit ground and making the streets wet and mushy. Not very pleasant 😦

December 29, 2014 – Sunset on the Danube

[Travel time] Budapest is called the “Pearl of the Danube” and not without a very good reason. The city is like a jewel under the setting sun, watching the days go by with the flow of the Danube. By the bank of the Danube sat the statue of Attila József, a Hungarian poet, who seemed to be enjoying his time as he drew inspiration from the passersby.

December 27, 2014 – Český Krumlov

[Travel time] A very similar photo to the previous one, but this time, it’s the roofs of Český Krumlov! I absolutely loved this little town to the south of Prague (more so than Prague, actually :O ), especially in the snow! They had their first snow of the winter as I arrived, and how romantic it was – even though I was travelling alone 🙂 Another fairy tale – is the Czech Republic filled with magic everywhere?