Mar 30, 2017 – French toast

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on March 25, 2017

Very beautiful brioche French toast with fruits and maple syrup for breakfast at Cafe Gandolfi, a wonderful beginning to a fulfilling Saturday!

Feb 12, 2017 – Tea and cake

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Glasgow, Scotland, taken on February 11, 2017

Tinian makes the best cakes and I’m always happy to be invited as her guinea pig whenever she experiments with a new one. This time we had rose tea as well for a perfect night in!

January 15, 2015 – Food face

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The food in my fridge decided to assemble and show up to say hello. Why hello there, aren’t you all lookin’ jolly today? 🙂

January 07, 2015 – Macaro(o)n

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The reason the title is macaro(o)n is because I don’t know what these are actually called. I’ve been under the impression that they are macaroOns, not the colourful, round macarons. However, the packaging says “macaroon” from Riquewihr so…enlighten me??? Maybe “macaron” is the French word for both macaron and macaroon? Maybe these are actually macarons and macaroons are just a figment of my imagination? Someone please get me out of this conundrum!

January 05, 2015 – Spicy intestines

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Yes – you are probably thinking that the words “spicy” and “intestines” shouldn’t go together, but in fact they do. Chinese people love to eat strange things but you can’t blame us when spicy stir-fried pig intestines taste so good. Finally a meal back in Glasgow – I made it safely!

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