Apr 03, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Hope of spring

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on March 14, 2015

Now that the flowers on the tree outside my office building is almost in full bloom, we have some hope that spring is finally here in Scotland! As a result, I am quite happy every day as I walk by this tree. This is, of course, neglecting the fact that we had a day of four seasons (rain, snow, hail, sun, wind within the same day at 10-minute intervals) just a few days ago… πŸ˜›

3 thoughts on “Apr 03, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Hope of spring

  1. […] It is not the first time I am posting a photo of this tree outside my office, and I gotta say it’s my favourite tree on campus. For the past two years, I noticed flowers beginning to bloom in February or March but this year, they were already blooming by late January. It gives me joy seeing this tree as I walk by and enter my office building, especially since the usual Glasgow rainy season has been relatively rain-free thus far. Spring is coming, or has it already arrived? πŸ˜‰ […]


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