Mar 20, 2015 – [Friday] Anything Goes: Eclipse

Glasgow, Scotland, taken on March 20, 2015

Even in cloudy Scotland, we managed to get a quick glimpse of the total solar eclipse that happened this morning! At first I thought it just looked like another typical Glaswegian day, gray and cloudy, but the clouds decided to be merciful to us and moved along fairly quickly, opening a window in the sky for the eclipse to break through at the moment of maximum coverage (94% at 9:34am), revealing what seemed like a silvery crescent moon. The clouds actually acted as a natural protection for the eyes too, so thankfully those of us who did try to view the eclipse with our naked eyes (an extremely horrible idea, and we only did glimpse for a few seconds) are not blind. I gotta say that I was fairly surprised that we were able to see any of the eclipse at all, given our usual luck with typical Scottish weather, but it was certainly a fascinating experience!

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