Feb 11, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, taken on August 14, 2010

I don’t think I realized how beautiful Fenghuang was until I reflected upon my trip in retrospective. On one side I felt sad that such a stunning historic town has been tainted by tourism and transformed into a “commodity”, yet without the development of tourism, people like me would never have the chance to experience the magic. I only hope that Fenghuang will continue to survive and retain its authenticity, not being completely devoured by modernity and commercialization.

4 thoughts on “Feb 11, 2015 – [Wednesday] Travel Favs: Fenghuang

    1. It is a lovely historic town and definitely worth a visit before commercialization completely takes over! The river that runs through the town makes it even more charming though – check it out! 🙂

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      1. I agree with what you had said about the internal struggle between cities that have been overrun by tourists vs the fact you’d never had know about it if it weren’t for that. But I try to think that the place must be worthwhile if that many people are flocking to it!


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