January 17, 2015 – Nine (square root of)

OK, I cheated on the title…sort of. Today is the last day of the 3rd year of Picture Worthy, and I wanted to finish off the numbers series (one to nine). Incidentally the missing post is that of nine, of which the square root is three, which is the number of years that I’ve been taking one photo a day. There πŸ˜› The initial project of taking one photo a day for a year had been extended and extended again to a total of 3 years. Taking (at least) a photo a day for 1096 days straight is an achievement for me, and I’ve enjoyed the process, even though there have been ups and many downs along the way. And I think 1096 days (got a leap year in there) is quite…a lot. So, I’ve decided to wrap up this project and move on. This is the end of PW…sort of. I will still be posting one photo a day (I will try to REALLY post a pic a day), but they won’t be photos taken daily. Instead, I will be going through my huge archive of photos and post them based on weekly themes. Thanks for sticking around. I really am thankful and hope that you will continue to stick around for who knows, maybe many more years to come πŸ™‚ Now I really should talk about today’s photo, which is a rather amusing one. Just thought you should know that Glasgow has some pretty extreme and “badass” emergency measures, and you’d better hope you don’t get your “ass” into trouble while you’re here… πŸ˜‰

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