September 09, 2014 – Frog

Do you see it? Yes, that’s a frog right there in the marsh, with its bulging eyes sticking out of the surface of the water! My dad and I were taking a slow hike through the trails in Wilket Creek Park, and we stopped by a marshy area in the woods. We observed the marsh for a good ten minutes for signs of life and alas, this is one of the three frogs that we managed to sight! It was so quiet, almost not moving, appearing as if it was watching a target in a distance…or just being lazy, actually. If only I could have gotten closer…! (Click for the full-size, clearer image. I’ve zoomed in as much as I could without making the image appear too blurry – at times like this I actually regret not bring my small camera which has a much more superior optical zoom than Mr.Nikon!)

Did you like today's picture?

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