July 02, 2014 – Notebook and pen

I always feel more secure with a notebook and pen in my hands. Even at break during work, I would take them out of my purse and write a sentence or two. Somehow writing, however brief, satisfies me in a way nothing else can.

3 thoughts on “July 02, 2014 – Notebook and pen

  1. I love it! I feel the same way about my notebooks and pens. I was wondering if I could include the photo and your words in a book I’m working on about writing. It’s called Fall in Love with Writing and it’s to inspire people to write. 140 people are included, most I’ve met through blogging and I’d love to include you. It’s real people talking about writing.
    Your name, age and country will be included to give you credit and you can use a pen name if you want.
    All good if you want to decline, just thought I’d check.


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