October 06, 2013 – Rack of lamb

Ever since I saw Stephane’s post about the most perfect rack of lamb he made, I’ve been itching to try it on my own. Then a few days ago Florence showed me a mouthwatering photo of a rack of lamb that she made. That was it. I was going to make it. Tonight. With a huge kitchen and a lovely oven at my disposal, there was almost no reason NOT to give it a try. And it worked magically. Stephane’s suggestion was so simple yet so perfect. I had doubts when I was cooking but when I bit into the juicy, tender meat, I felt like my life has been completed. Thanks Stephane and Florence for the inspiration!

2 thoughts on “October 06, 2013 – Rack of lamb

  1. I am so glad it worked out the way you wanted. There is something special about lamb I think, in that it always looks fancy and makes you feel like you are at a special dinner party. Even if you made it just for yourself. Well done you!


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